Welcome EU Friends and Neighbours

We extend a warm welcome to all of our European friends and neighbours. Now could be an excellent time to take advantage of the current favourable exchange rate, resulting from the nonsense of Brexit, for which we profoundly apologise.


How not to start your holiday!

Friends arriving for a holiday a week ago ended up like this! Amazingly, and thankfully, the two occupants of the car were virtually unharmed. While making a normal reversing operation after taking a wrong turning, the car took off uncontrollably and ended up against this tree, 25 yards down a hill, only a couple of miles before reaching Ding Dong.

Mike and Chris's crash

Side view of the crash


First Ding Dong cuckoo of 2015?

I heard the first cuckoo of the year on Friday last, but Jenny says she heard some weeks ago but forgot to mention it!


The Cabin goes Green

The Cabin's new cladding assumes a green coat with Jenny's careful brushwork.

Jenny painting The Cabin


Cornwall is special at all times of year

View past Ding Dong Engine House towards the sea at 4:45 this afternoon.

Winter view of Ding Dong Engine House


Something Stirs

We have had a mild winter down here in West Cornwall so far and plants and creatures are starting to Spring. This may be a good time to secure your Cornish holiday in a very special place, as the Calendar starts to fill.

May 2015 bring Peace and Goodwill to this troubled planet

Happy and productive wishes for 2015 to all of our visitors, from the past and yet to come.


Visitors Book Comments

You can now see comments made in our Visitors books for each cottage. No force was used in the production of these entirely unsolicited entries. Ball Cottage The Loft The Cabin


Holiday Plans for 2015

Winter at last is approaching, alas, but just the time to be thinking of Cornwall in Spring, or in Autumn or Summer and of holiday plans for next year! Stop Press


Broadband news

After many years of internet access pain, from endless dial-up tedium to uncertain and slow ADSL via BT landline we have acquired a satellite dish for our Broadband connection. Downloads are now at several Mb/sec compared with the handful of Kb/sec previously endured. Our new dish is actually within sight of Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station, only 25 miles away across Mount's Bay, but the signal has a 22,000 mile journey up to the satellite, in geostationary orbit above us and another 22,00 miles back to the Lizard, before it can establish our connection to the World Wide Web! Ain't technology wonderful!

New track now open!

Filling spread this morning by Daniel Williams and first reports are positive. In future please approach by the track nearest to Ding Dong Engine House, as shown on the photo below; not perfect but much better than the old way.

A dull day but better way!

New track

And here's the man and machine wot done it!

Daniel & Tractor

Daniel Williams with his digger


Road Works Update

A large pile of filling for our track improvement awaits a neighbour's machinery to spread and level; coming 10am Saturday.


Loo Noos*

It has become apparent that last Winter's gales produced an unexpected benefit. Their destruction of a section of our hedge reveals that it is now possible to see St Michael's Mount whilst sitting on the loo in The Cabin.
*Contains material which some readers may find offensive.

View of St Michael's Mount from The Cabin loo

This photo was taken through the loo/shower room window.


Road Works

Work began yesterday to revolutionise access to our cottages! By the end of next week we expect to be able to abandon the increasingly bumpy track previously used for so many years in favour of a considerably less bumpy alternative. Although not perfect, the new approach is being levelled out (so far as possible in this rugged countryside), at this very moment!
Next time you visit, try the track nearest to the engine house.


The early bees are busy

The sun is shining on this warm Spring day and the Flowering Currants are buzzing!


Marching On

Spring springs at last! Road access to Cornwall is fully open, the rail link is scheduled to open by Easter and thoughts turn once more towards the many and very special attractions of West Cornwall.
We welcome enquiries from visitors previous or new.