Better Broadband

We now have FTTP, (Fibre to the promises), which is available by WiFi in all of our cottages.

New Look Website

Do not be afraid. No information has been lost in the creation of this new website. It should provide better access by mobile phone or tablet and gives a fresh look to the previous layout, which has remained unchanged for some time.


A Golden Oriole sighting

My son Simon Cook, spotted a male Golden Oriole this morning near the Ding Dong Engine House.


New Maps

There is a new tab on the Navigation Bar, Maps, giving access either to a map showing the location of various local places of interest or entertainment with some information about each of them, or to our own stylised map intended to help find us up here in the wilds. Please note that distances on our map are not to scale.
The Google map includes its usual options of zooming, or moving the display, and if you click and hold the small figure above the + and - signs at the bottom right corner, then move it to anywhere on the map you will see a ground level view at that place when you release the mouse.

Let me know if there are destinations I have omitted which you would like included and I will add them. I also hope to add a distance and route option soon.


Our hay meadows thrive

Each year our three hay meadows continue to develop. Long dormant orchids and other flowers are emerging from sleep to re-populate our fields, now allowed to grow without any artificial additives.

Back hay meadow

View across our back hay meadow

Orchid with Buttercups

Orchid with grasses and buttercups

Shy Orchid hides amongst Buttercup admirers

A shy orchid surrounded by sheltering buttercups


The Newlyn Filmhouse

A remarkable event in these times of austerity a brand new cinema opens in Newlyn

We have just visited the new purpose built Newlyn FilmHouse and are much impressed. Online booking, excellent presentation of sound and picture, a wide choice of films, two screens, a disabled access ramp, local ice-cream, on site café and bar, a friendly atmosphere and outstandingly comfortable seats this has to be a winner as word gets around.


The end of a long wet Winter heralds Spring

This exceptional Winter is surely drawing to a close, and signs of Spring are now around us, down here in Cornwall. It has felt like a long, unusually wet, but quite mild Winter here, although thankfully, not to be compared with some of the extreme conditions endured by many up country. On top of our hill we are at least unlikely to be flooded! Our Calendar is starting to look less empty so may we suggest that you avoid missing out on preferred dates by booking early.