Better Broadband

We now have FTTP, (Fibre to the promises), which is available by WiFi in all of our cottages.

Wildlife in the raw

When a recent guest in The Loft mentioned in his Visitors Book entry, in addition to some very complimentary things about his stay, that he had seen a weasel chasing a rabbit we were most impressed. Today he sent this astonishing photo, taken from The Loft living room window, of the event in action; an extraordinary capture of this life or death incident.

Run Rabbit Run
Photo © 2016


Welcome EU Friends and Neighbours

We extend a warm welcome to all of our European friends and neighbours. Now could be an excellent time to take advantage of the current favourable exchange rate, resulting from the nonsense of Brexit, for which we profoundly apologise.


A Golden Oriole sighting

My son Simon Cook, spotted a male Golden Oriole this morning near the Ding Dong Engine House.


Our hay meadows thrive

Each year our three hay meadows continue to develop. Long dormant orchids and other flowers are emerging from sleep to re-populate our fields, now allowed to grow without any artificial additives.

Back hay meadow

View across our back hay meadow

Orchid with Buttercups

Orchid with grasses and buttercups

Shy Orchid hides amongst Buttercup admirers

A shy orchid surrounded by sheltering buttercups


Spring blooms apace

We have started to recover a neglected part of the wild garden, which has allowed daffodils, primroses and Flowering Currant to emerge.

Early Spring daffodils emerging from their Winter rest